4th of July

Hope everyone had a happy 4th!

Yesterday I was really looking to do something low key, yet fun & enjoyable. Last night fit to exactly what I wanted to do.

The morning started off with:

Usually suspect

Usual suspect

Followed by a nice 2.5 jog around the neighborhood. I wish I would have been able to do more, but it was hottttttttttt yesterday.

Around 1230, we decided to go to the pool {at my mamas house} since yesterday was Thursday my mom had Oliver!
We stopped by for a half an hour or so to see the little love muffin.

^those chips from TJ are so good
& Oliver in sunglasses… stop^

My friend molly joined us, so we got to actually have a  day off together from the restaurant and catch up on… drama 😉

After the pool, it was time for some snackage, a quick rest & than get ready for the night.

^Watermelon + feta!!!! greatest combo,
plus some blue berries + cho + honey}

Night time:


We met up with our friends Rich, Amy & their darling daughter Athena for some dinner.
{I didn’t get a chance to snap pics from dinner}

-I ordered mussels in a white wine sauce
– Summery salad : greens, pears, chicken & walnuts
– And had a little bit of others appz

They live in reading, so we went to the Reading Phillies Stadium
for some nice fireworks + listen to the orchestra play!

When we sat down, we thought we were tucked away in the corner since no one else was over there
but.. we had the best seats in the house. They went right over us!

It was a great night spent with great company! 🙂 How it should always be.
I hope you had a great holiday as well<3

Today & tomorrow I have to work. But, Sunday I’m off & it looks like my sister Courtney is coming home for the day
So if it’s nice out.. looks like it will be another pool day.



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