MIMM: with weekend highlights

Happy Monday and July 1st!
time is flying!

MiMM MIMM #56 With One Special Arrival

Like always, thanks Katie for letting all of us share all of our Marvelous Mondays with you.
Especially your Monday today… welcome baby Rocco!
He is so beautiful 🙂

Here’s what’s marvelous around these parts..

Marvelous is ..
Checking out a local farmers market on Saturday morning.

^coffee, sunshine & yummy cupcakes from ICED!^

^Food truck tacos.. yum!^

Marvelous is ..
my new summer drink
^Vodka, seltzer & pineapple juice… very refreshing^

Marvelous is ..
our first little pepper has arrived!

Marvelous is ..
spending time with your girlfriends

Marvelous is..
Being silly while looking for more things to plant!

^more peppers & big tomatoes^

Marvelous is ..
trying out ZOE’S KITCHEN

^Kind of like a Panera, but a lot of Mediterranean and Greek flare!^

Marvelous is ..
Ending Sunday with a nice jog
and seeing the sun peep out.


It’s a rainy day over here.. actually this whole summer has been rainy!
So today is going to be low key, relaxing, making & hopefully get a manicure 😉
What’s marvelous to you today?



3 thoughts on “MIMM: with weekend highlights

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