Never fails .. & problem solved

Yesterday afternoon I had a nice visit with my mama, Cassidy & O!

: )
Now that we’re back from Ellen’s wedding.. onto the next : )
Cassidy & Brian are getting married this October, so in August we plan on having her shower.
We discussed a lot of ideas and came to the conclusion that a fun backyard BBQ sounds perfect. Their colors are {yellow & gray}
so for the shower we’re thinking yellow, sunflowers & some summer favorites!
{I’m excited.. this is one of my favorite things to do*}

*    *    *
After our visit, I stopped by target to get cleaning stuff.
As always I come out with more than I need. Never fails.





Besides picking up method.
These other few items tagged along with me 😉

1- .48 cent blueberry granola .. I mean I just had too!
 2- Sleep well gummies <— seriously help me so much
 3- Charlestown chew <– and in XL size. Reminded me of summers on the cape & getting them frozen. had too, again.
 4- Dried mangos, my favorite
 5- Yes to carrots face mask. all time favorite brand.
 6- & bronzer, because it’s summer… 😎

I love how these things just jump in my basket 😉

*    *    *

Last night I made it to yoga and it left me feeling like jello!
I love that feeling.

When I got home I was ready for dinner but wasn’t sure what I was feeling,
I started out munching on veggies thinking it was a salad night
then proceeded to make eggs, couldn’t decide If I wanted dessert…
I decided on this guy.. a little bit of everything & tasted like dessert.

> 1 sweet potato, cooked in microwave for 5 minutes <
> topped with Greek yogurt, pb, jelly, coco shavings & chia seeds <
all melted together = 😀

Does anyone else get sucked in at target? {or another store}

Do you like sweet or savory SP?



What are your thoughts?

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