Coming home from vaca + sweet potato fries {recipe}

Coming back from vaca means getting back into my daily schedule.
Starting off with a good breakfast & of course
a Dunkin iced coffee.

Standard. Coffee & oats w/ PB, honey, berries & mixed nuts.

Time for:
Hearty eats, coffee, rest and workouts!

The nice thing about being away is not necessarily having a “SCHEDULE”
but once you get back, at least for me it’s a little difficult.

Yesterday I did my best to getting back to normal:)

IMG_4316^Fresh fruit & veggies, laundry with Duncan, ^
a jog/walk sequence nothing crazy but felt good to move
& a nice grilled dinner at home.. with some of my fave SP fries!

While we were away, my eats were way off.
But mostly in the breakfast department & snacking.
Snacking was more chips, cookies, and whatever was lying around!

* * *
Another thing about coming home is ..
Seeing how big our tomato plant has grown within DAYS!

Now waiting for tomatoes to appear!

Now waiting for tomatoes to appear!

… & receiving some fun mail !

IMG_4318Kari from Hass Avocados
sent me a nice note and two avo slicers!
I mean is this not perfect or what ?!
Summertime = guacamole : )

* * *
Last night we grilled some burgers {Cheese for George & I decided on a veg burger}
along side of the burgers we’re some
s w e e t- p o t a t o – f r i e s
Here’s what I did.
Preheat oven to 400*

  • Peel & cut 2 sweet potatoes {length wise}
  • Toss the SP in olive oil
  • Seasoning: salt, pepper, paprika & some light brown sugar ^I eye balled all of this, add more if needed^
  • Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray <– I used coco oil spray
  • Spread them out & cook between 18-20 minutes {until brown}
  • Serve with a side of yogurt + a dash of vanilla

Back from vaca also means.. back to work tonight. womp womp.


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