MIMM { with ellen’s wedding weekend! }

and …… I’m back!
What a fun couple of days we had while in MAINE!
We left early Thursday morning & arrived in Portland around noon
just in time for lunch, followed by heading to Boothbay for Ellen and seths wedding weekend!

Francis-Bean wedding!

Francis-Bean wedding!

I have soooooooo many pictures from this weekend but wanted to share some highlights!
Because it’s Monday and marvelous.. of course I’m joining the fun! 😎

MiMM MIMM #55 with Relaxing and More!

We were there Thursday until Sunday. We got to explore Portland twice & eat there.
Such a fun city and I loved the architecture.
I was trying to share my video from VINE but didn’t workso click this to check it out.
^ ^  ^

Exploring Portland

Exploring Portland

^We had lunch right on the water^
George and Cassidy cheered with oysters!
Along side one of the buildings they had this wall that said.
“Before I die I want……” and people filled in all types of things : )
Enjoy life was my favorite. SIMPLE, and to the point. ENJOY LIFE!

^We stayed on a beautiful property with Ellen, Seth & the rest of the wedding party^
I could get used to that view 🙂

Friday afternoon Ellen & Seth held a welcome BBQ for all the guests.
Hamburgers, games, drinks …. oh my!: )

The cute couple : )



^Saturday was the big day. Ellen & seths ceremony was so sweet^
Her dress was breathtaking.
Each bridesmaids wore a shade of pink but any style we wanted. I love that.
They got married at a small chapel deep in one of Maine’s little forests, right along the water.

Their first dance: )
Ellen had such b-e-a-utiful flowers. Lavender was the highlight.

Sea of flowers in the kitchen.

Sea of flowers in the kitchen.

We danced the night away, laughed, & mingled.

Cassidy & I did our speech together and highlighted some of
our favorite childhood memories together.
We were cracking up.
“our little ponies & mac and cheese
turned into…. late nights AND well… STILL mac & cheese”

So glad that ellen & us girls grew up next door to each other.
Nothing like going through life moments with
the ones you love.

have a happy Monday.


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