Thursday thoughts: {hip opener class = getting rid of the negative}

You know you have a summer morning on your hands when you wake up to crazy rain & thundering. Makes for the perfect setting to fall back to sleep too… Which I did 🙂

We just got back from a nice visit with my mama, sister & O! I love having coffee dates with the family. We looked over old photos, talked more about our trip to Maine next week & had some laughs with little O.


That hat kills me… hilarious.


{Can’t have a coffee date without some sweets}

*       *        *

Let’s talk some yoga ….

I fell in l.o.v.e. with yoga about a year ago. It’s something that changed me completely. I did however fall of the wagon for a little while just because life & scheduling got in the way. {I need change of scenery so I personally like to go to the studio} Finally yesterday I made an appearance back at the studio.


Walking out of a kick ass class is so fleeting. Last night I knew I was going to be in for a “little treat”.  I had over heard a few others saying that after Monday’s class they were feeling some “side effects” So I knew that after class with hip work I would be feeling some of the effects.

Opening your hips is super important. This where you store a lot of thoughts and emotions. Some people may have a release during class and also after. You should embrace these breakthrough moments that ultimately will lead you closer to union of mind.

My body felt so sore and tight before entering class… and after my body felt immediately better. But my mind felt a little weird. So if you’ve taken a hip opening class you know.  Getting rid of the negative is so important. Because in yoga there is so much joy.

c826c8511d47a34bdee5e36e769f1843We did a lot of pigeon pose, holding lunges & lizard. HURT SO GOOD.

This class just gave me a little reminder that you can’t hold onto stuff, gotta constantly being giving up the stuff that weighs you down. Repeating to yourself you are LOVE {as kate says :)}

Nothing is better than feeling renewed. I hope that I am able to continue & keep getting to yoga at least once a week.

Alrighty friends, quick-lunch & then off to work. Have a happy Thursday<3
happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.

Have you ever taken a hip opening class? Did you feel the effects?


2 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts: {hip opener class = getting rid of the negative}

  1. i just got into yoga this summer. i used to think yoga was so boring and slow… although i only use yoga dvds (haven’t attended a class yet) i have grown to love it!! i feel my body gaining muscle, and i’m not going to lie — some of those poses have me sweating!

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