Tuesday tidbits

Last nights dinner was delicious & filled with great company! It was storming out,
but that couldn’t hold us back from having a good time.
We went to a local BYO called Marlys. {we always joke that when we go
there its always bad weather, but it is… I want to sit outside in their court-yard ;-)}

^Bento box: Fish taco, roasted red pepper hummus, salmon cakes & BBQ wings.
My favorite- shrimp with guac & mango salsa.^

^We had a little bit of wine tasting party.. hehe. I really enjoyed the Greek red wine, axia. I highly recommend it!^

Ellen & Seth’s wedding is NEXT WEEKEND !!! We will be road tripping up to Maine.

Speaking of the wedding, I still need to do my speech…
this causes me so much anxiety for some reason, I’m the worst public speaker :-O

I just used my DD application this morning for the fist time, I didn’t realize you could get “offers” I clearly only use my phone for pictures : )
I will take a turbo shot & donuts any day! I also downloaded my other coffee love, Starbucks..
Breakfast is still the same around here. I love steel-cut oats!
Today I had it with some mixed nuts, honey, coconut shreds, pb & strawberries.
It really never gets old. I like to call it my breakfast of champions 🙂

I got a new gem for the garden. You can never have enough Buddha’s.

Food & Wine magazine has some great recipes.
this one looks like an awesome side dish for any summer meal.
{Brussels sprouts, toasted pecans, top with avocado in a balsamic drizzle}

Cassidy sent this to me the other day,
I’m thinking of adding it into whatever I do daily..
30 day squat challenge!

>> Check out this article <<
it’s very interesting.
About a man who went back to his home in Greece {was very sick}
but naturally healed himself.
It gets me thinking a lot about how we MUST take care of ourselves, where ever we are.
I have been all about natural remedies lately + trying them.
Gotta Learn to relax, breathe, eat well, & laugh often.
Also, makes me miss Greece!

listening too:
emancipator – dusk to dawn
Loving this whole album.

Have a fantastic afternoon

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