MIMM#4 Rainy day w/ chocolate chip banana bread + list of activities!

Even though it’s pouring here, it is still a Marvelous Monday!
Even when it rains, you can make your OWN day full of sunshine if you chose too!
I wanted to brighten up this gloomy day with some baking.

MiMM MIMM with just Some Marvelous TidbitsIMG_3901

The rest of the week is looking like it’s going to be the same.

We just got back from errands with a stop at TJ.
I couldn’t wait to try their banana bread.

{Rainy days are perfect for baking}

Rain rain go away.

Rain rain go away..

SIDE NOTE ….. I love tjs samples! MANGO SORBET- yum!}

To spice it up I added some chocolate chips into the middle layer so once you cut it you have a nice treat in the center 🙂 and topped with coconut shaving! Nice flavoring!IMG_3902
Final product:
Smells d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s !
I can’t wait to try it 🙂

Since the next few days are going to be rainy
and maybe in your area too here are some things to do!

1-go to the library
2-go to the movies or make your own movie night at home
^ we did this last night w/ froyo!^

3x this week.. sorry i'm not sorry ;-)

3x this week.. sorry i’m not sorry 😉

3- work out at home, make it fun! no one will see you!
4-add new music to your library
5- organize your Pinterest boards <– I know everyone thinks about that 😉
6-research new recipes
7-watch a TV series you’ve been meaning to start
8-get crafty! try a DIY project
9-paint your nails
10-go thrift store shopping.. there are gems out there.
11-organize your summer clothes
12-break out the board games + candles
13-take a long bubble bath, good tunes & veg out.
14- along with 13^ pamper yourself, try a facial!
15-do a wine & cheese paring in your home with friends
16-curl up like a cat.. and nap..
after all it is a rain day!

Without rain, nothing would grow..
so I want to take time to read, learn, and explore new things when it can be crappy out
= me growing!

Off to the gym for a quickie + than meeting our friends for dinner at a local BYO in our area.

Don’t forget check out katies page, spread the love, link up & see what else is happening
on this Marvelous Monday!


4 thoughts on “MIMM#4 Rainy day w/ chocolate chip banana bread + list of activities!

  1. I wish we had a TJ’s where I live! Posts like this make me so jealous.

    I love the way you took a basic banana bread and made it look so pretty with a couple of small garnishes.

    Also, I’m just as guilty as being a Froyo addict. It’s the best!

    xoxo Jackie

    • I love addicting a little flare to something to make it a little extra special.. the chocolate chips were a great contribution to the bread 🙂

      Ahh froyo is so addicting! esp in the summer. its the best treat/ thing to go do.

      thanks for stopping by the blog!!xoxo

  2. i don’t need rainy days as an excuse to do those things, it’s summer 😀 the banana bread looks divine, i like the chocolate chip + coconut additions! and trader joes DOES have the best samples 🙂

    • very true! I guess when it’s nicer out, I tend to neglect those areas 🙂

      I was starving right before we got to TJs and I joked to my husband that we had to hurry so I could eat a lot of samples 😛 I also tried their pizza veggie burger, was delish!

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