National Donut Day

This morning before George left for work, he asked what my plans were for this morning… UHH getting a donut😉 Not that me going to Dunkin Donuts is anything out of the ordinary, but when they are handing over a little treat to me while getting my coffee.. count me double in!

Chocolate glazed : )

Chocolate glazed : )

National Donut Day is always celebrated on the first Friday of every June. This was created by the salvation army in 1938 to celebrate the women who would serve donuts to the soldiers in WWI. Donuts so happened to be the choice to serve the men because of the difficulties providing fresh baked goods. They were an instant hit to the crowd : ) I can see why.

I was scanning pinterest earlier looking at donut pans & I think the next time I spot one I will just have to pick it up! Since breakfast is one of my favorite meals, this is would be a perfect way to spice up weekend meals. I already have my eye on a few recipes 🙂

{from Janie’s Kitchen}

Pumpkin Carob Chip Protein Donuts (vegan)
{from Sensual Appeal}

perfect-fit-donues-lattes-tone-it-upKarena and Katrina’s Perfect Fit Donuts using perfect fit protein powder!

So many other alternatives as well so you CAN eat donuts everyday! 😉

Its a dreary day over here. I am soaking up this relaxing time before the busy night/ weekend begins at work.
Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend ❤

Have you ever made donuts at home? If so, how did they turn out? .. I’d love to try your recipe!


4 thoughts on “National Donut Day

  1. i love the little history blurb on national donut day 🙂 as a kid, i always got the french cruller @ DD, tho i now realize that there are many more delicious options (cue in that chocolate donut!)

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