Thursday Thoughts: Running thoughts

Yesterday I took part in National Running Day. It was too nice of a day not too! I set out on a run around 645 pm and the weather could have not been more perfect. The run reminded me why I need to keep up with running more and enjoy that time for myself on the road to think, reflect and just have that time in my head and get lost in the music. I am not the biggest fan of the dreadmill, so when the weather is pristine and the music is blaring that’s when I feel like I can come alive! I am defiantly going to keep at it. I know that not everyday is going to be a perfect running day but yesterday was a good reminder as to why it’s so good to get my booty OUTSIDE! vs inside.

1- It is soooooo much easier to run outside than inside

Nothing like the open road : )

Nothing like the open road : )

2- My thoughts are so much clearer & freer – if that makes sense? – usually I’m cursing myself to finish on the treadmill

3- Change of scenery makes time go by fast

4- Music sounds more crisp + more vibrant!


5- When I run outdoors it makes me want to run more & add onto my past mileage.


6- Hitting the pavement defiantly has been leaving the top of my feet sore. No pain no gain 🙂

I have never been a huge runner. In high school I did the relay team but I really would love to someday do a marathon. It’s always always always in the back of my mind. {bucket list} 😉


How do you feel about treadmills? Are they easy for you to hop on and get moving?

Can you run outdoors in any weather condition?


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Running thoughts

  1. The treadmill=the dreadmill. It’s so much worse to run indoors than out! All I can think about is how much I wished the time would go by faster since it’s right in your face on the monitor. Running outside is just a million times better!

    • The max I can do on the “dread mill” is 2-3! And that’s if there’s a show on or a magazine! AH! Outdoors is pure happiness when running (most of the time) but once it gets cold here… that’s it for me! haha.

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