Jenna’s birthday dinner + honored + cupcake cups!

Hello friends, happy Thursday to you all! One day closer to the weekend!

#2 this week. I need more JARS :-P

#2 this week. I need more JARS 😛

I’m sitting down to a nice warm breakfast + iced hazelnut coffee. Taking some time to surf the web, read some blogs & search for new pinterest finds since this weekend is going to bet yet another busy one! We are going to be catering a grad party Saturday. So gotta get the ball rollin’ and start prepping.

Special shout out to one of my best friends, Jenna on her birthday!*

* * *
Last night, Jenna and I went into town at the Bistro so we could sit outside and celebrate her birthday.
We came, we saw, and we ate…. isn’t that how birthdays are supposed to go? 😉

We caught up over drinks and our appetizer for awhile, followed by entrees and dessert!
{prosciutto wrapped shrimp with parmesan}
^great combo^

For my main meal I went with my favorite fried goat cheese salad with buffalo chicken.

^A recycled pic from last week, same thing:)^

^A recycled pic from last week, same thing:)^

Dessert was a peanut butter pie.. yum.

We sat out there for awhile, we could talk for hours. We always laugh our faces off about some of our favorite childhood memories.
I cherish her friendship so much.

And… she asked me to be her MOH !
I am so honored to be her MOH on her big day.
I’m already so excited to start planning with her
She is my first friend to get married so it makes all the more special!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
Part of Jenna’s gift this year was cupcakes,
Who wouldn’t want there OWN personal cupcake cup?

^I made two of these cups using a total of 6 cupcakes^

-I sliced each cupcake in half.
-Starting with the bottom half of the cupcake in the cup,
-layered with vanilla frosting then put the top of the cupcake on
-I repeated this until I reached the top of the cup
-Finish with sprinkles
-Wrap it up in small bag add a tie!

Perfect way to display your cupcake{s} and eat!

For birthdays, do you usually get a cake? or some other kind of dessert?
I am not the biggest traditional white cake fan, I always ask my mom for cupcake brownies
with frosting for my birthday dessert 🙂

4 thoughts on “Jenna’s birthday dinner + honored + cupcake cups!

  1. maid of honor, you must be so excited! there’s going to be a whole new meaning of pinterest hehe 🙂 growing up, i always told my mom that i wanted her to bake me a cake from boxed cake mix, but she always ended up buying me a cake instead. this year, she bought me an ube cake from a local filipino bakery, plus made lemonbars and ghiradelli brownies — mmm, better than white cake for sure!

    • I know I feel so blessed she chose me.. oh yeah a whole board is going to be dedicated to her! 🙂

      all those desserts sound fabulous. Ghirardelli + brownies = match made in heaven. Defiantly better then cake 😉

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