PB breakfast bars

Hello! Happy hump day friends!

I’ve been busy in the kitchen lately, I am now waiting on muffins to be finished for breakfast 😀 They are my favorite. Banana oat! I will share the recipe with you soon.

My fav- banana oat.

My fav- banana oat.

Last week we had a few rainy days. This made me more enthusiastic to get in the kitchen and bake/ try new things. Nothing like coffee & baked goods.

I am still trying to get more comfortable in the kitchen. Baking can be so precise. I am one of those who like to just get it done quickly. So I am making sure I follow every step. I want to get good in one area of the kitchen preferably baking and be known for some goods 🙂

Here’s my newest addition to breakfast. Oat bars! I love 1-2-3 baking methods.


I love making items which require no flour/oil/eggs.
{don’t get me wrong.. I am about to make funfetti cupcakes later today, but it’s good to keep it clean when you can ;-)}

In a skillet on medium heat combine:
1 cup peanut butter of your choice. I used planters banana granola nut
1 cup honey
^ stir ingredients until smooth + creamy
Add in:
2-3 cups of oats
> I added mixed nuts + dried cranberries as well
Pour ingredients into a pan of 9×9
Top with granola

Place in fridge over night, cut & dig into them in the AM 🙂

… they went fast. really fast. Perfect for an on the go snack too!

Off to Cassidy’s makeup consultation for the wedding, baking those cupcakes & some other last-minute items before my friend’s birthday tonight.


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