Memorial Day snaps {5/27}

Hello! Hope everyone had a fabulous long weekend. A huge thanks to those who
have served
& continue to serve<3

Today was a jam-packed day! George’s friend Dimitri is here visiting from Athens, so we spent the day with him
doing some tourist things 😉 of course our favorite.. the park and the outlets! Coffee and ice cream stops too!

.. the boys { George and Duncan are already asleep.. } but were supposed to make some turkey burgers later.

{Sleep kitty}
{New recipe*}IMG_3667
{My new obsession.. I am going through PB jars like its nothing. And I’m totally okay with it 🙂 }IMG_3647{Stroll through VFpark}

{Lunch from WF: Chinese chicken, Cajun sweet potato, strawberry salad + Mediterranean chic pea salad.. yum!}

{Trip to the outlets.. I decided on the neon since I have so many white dresses!}
{New items from WF, can’t wait to try!}

enjoy your evening xo

What are your thoughts?

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