What’s in your basket? #Traderjoes new + old

Hi there friends! Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday. your half way through the week πŸ™‚

I just got back from meeting my sister earlier for coffee + looking for wedding shoes for her. { trip successful! } She got vintage looking shoes to go with her dress. It’s going to look great! Of course before we headed off we needed a little coffee & talkie!

Breakfast - steel cut oats, flax, berries, nuts + PB underneath and swirled in.

Breakfast – steel cut oats, flax, berries, nuts + PB underneath and swirled in.


We went to this semi new place in town. Soltane Breads and Spreads. It was very cute, rustic and fresh bread. I did not get a chance to try any.. so I will be returning there!
* * *
I just went shopping at Trader Joes the other day and wanted to share a few of my favorite staple items plus new ones! Hope it will give you some inspiration for your next shopping trip.


^ Going clock wise ^
1- Rolled oats <– defiantly a staple item now a days. #1 breakfast, but also amazing added into smoothies and making muffins!
2-Coconut oil spray *NEW ITEM* I have tried the oil and love it, but this spray is soooooo much more easier!
3-Mini peanut butter cups <– always have them in the house. Perfect to add to trail mix, or ice cream.
4-Mandarin Orange Chicken <– I love this chicken to add with pasta. The flavor makes the dish. Great for an easy dinner.
5-Dried mango *NEW ADDICTION* :-p
6-Frozen asparagus spears *NEW ITEM* With the new approach of adding more green, this seemed like a great side dish. Lemon, oil, cheese, YUM.

Well I’m going to veg out for a little before I either A) clean up my clothes B) nap before meeting my friend later for eitherΒ wine for froyo, both are awesome in my book.
Enjoy your evening!


8 thoughts on “What’s in your basket? #Traderjoes new + old

  1. I LOVE the mini peanut butter cups TJ has! I’ve never tried their Mandarin chicken, but their orange chicken is pretty good. I mean, it’s not up to Panda Express standards ;). Do you use the coconut oil spray as you normally would with the regular olive oil kind :)? I’m intrigued by it!

    • I know! I love love love those lil guys so much!<3

      So far I used to SPRAY for baking and putting it on the cookie sheet- also with eggs.

      I also have a jar of the oil which I have used for stir frys, etc. The spray is nice to have on hand for those items ^ so it doesn't come out chunky.

      You can totally use the coco oil instead of olive oil. I do love both… you have to use olive oil for pasta πŸ˜‰

      • From olive oil? Yes! it is… different. its a great substitute for baking as well! Olive oil and Coco butter are both the same amount of calories as well. The cool thing with coconut oil/butter/spray is you can cook,bake, and even use it for beauty stuff! πŸ™‚

      • I definitely want to try it now! I love coconut. I’ll let you know how the things I use it for turn out :). Thanks for the inspiration girlie!

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