Updates: Monday dinner, list for summer & 3 ingredient recipe!

Hi there!
I wanted to pop in before I head to work with a few updates and ideas that I had brewing inside me 😉 Last night we got together at my mom’s house for a nice summery dinner. Bow tie pasta + chicken breast + broccoli in a light lemon sauce topped with fresh shaved parmesan, salad, and of course dessert! My moms friend brought a huge mousse bomb cake from Wegmans … there was no left overs!
{I got to see this little love bug!}

After dinner, George + I went to the movies to see The place Beyond The Pines
I was a tad sleepy while watching it but this movie was good, great cast and a mystery – so an A in my book!

* * *

Now that school is over my mornings are going to be more free I wanted to fill my time wisely. Summer  is no doubt already going to be busy, but I wanted to make a list of things to incorporate into my daily/ or weekly regime and stick to them!

* Bake more – outside of my comfort zone
* GREENS <– I am a fruit person at heart, so I want to challenge myself to go green!
* Try something new .. anything!
* Enjoy everyday moments & stop rushing the process
* Step away from social media

Baking: I have been on a baking kick lately, but with a lot of the same items. Brownies.. and muffins. So I want to challenge myself to try new recipes.
Greens: I want to eat more greens this month: asparagus, kale, avocado. I love salads but that’s kind of my extent of greens. I don’t do too much else with them. I want to challenge myself to eat more greens. Sneak them in smoothies, or a side dish.
New: Trying something new. Food, a workout, .. anything that comes my way!
Enjoy: Enjoy everyday moments. I usually tend to rush things so I can get to the next thing. I want to work on this. Life is short, gotta savor ever moment 🙂
Social media: Ever since I got the iPhone, I am on it so much more! Its ridiculous. I really need to stop checking it constantly.

* * *

Before I sign off, here’s a new baking recipe which only requires 3 ingredients !!!

‘Skinny Banana Cookies’  
found from Six Sister Stuff


Easiest cookies ever. And actually very tasty! I have had these saved for awhile under my Pinterest board and decided to give them a try.
I am not sure how long they will last, due to being made out of bananas, but for a quick sweet tooth fix, pretty good! and always nice way to sweeten up your breakfast alongside your yogurt.

All you need is:
> 2 ripe bananas
> 1 cup dry oats <– I use steel-cut & GF certified
> 1/4 cup chocolate chips

* I added a dash of vanilla

^ mash all ingredients up , and scoop about 1” and place on cookie sheet ^

Pre heat the oven to 350*
Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray
& bake 12-15 minutes

^OTHER GREAT ADD INS: walnuts, coconut, cranberries*^


Have you seen The place beyond the pines yet? Or another good movie lately?

What’s on your summer “list”?


8 thoughts on “Updates: Monday dinner, list for summer & 3 ingredient recipe!

  1. I wanted to thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog today! I couldn’t reply back since it is a giveaway post and I don’t want to mess numbers up for it! Thank you beauty! I love the things you are looking forward to and going to plan on doing! ❤

    Happy Wednesday! Stay beautiful!

  2. Hi! Can you please share this recipe: Bow tie pasta + chicken breast + broccoli in a light lemon sauce? Thanks!

    • My mom actually made it while we were sitting there catching up. But, boil the pasta separately and add in fresh broccoli and let those cook together.*

      For the chicken- in a skillet, cook the chicken with Olive oil and lemon <– not to much, just to taste* also with desired spices of salt + pepper.

      After place the chicken on top of the bow tie pasta w/ broccoli and mix all together. Between the olive oil juice and lemon.. it taste great over the pasta!

      FRESH PARM on top … always does the trick! 🙂

      Simple & great ingredients for a summer dish!

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