Thoughts: The balance of living healthy


Happy Friday friends! This week flew by! Between ending of school and jumping right into finishing the last-minute details for Ellen’s shower & bachelorette {which is tomorrow, YAY!!!!}

What better way to begin and end a Friday with health talk*

Usually once the weekend rolls around everything we do during the week for our bodies goes out the window. Or at least in my case sometimes.. Hello happy hour, late night snacks & eating junk at work <— This is all good stuff, but just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean you should forget about your body.

Becoming healthy is the best decision I’ve ever made. HANDS DOWN.

A few years ago, I always ate what I wanted when I wanted it. That’s the good thing about being 18. But I never fueled myself properly.

The night before a soccer game was ALWAYS PASTA. Because that’s what the coach said.

Drinking a loooooooooooot of soda

Eating tubs of ice cream

Pizza was its own food group

There wasn’t too many greens in my diet

Exercise was moderate

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I became intrigued with the human body, what makes it run properly, how foods can heal from the INSIDE out, and that a great exercise is honestly one of the best things.

so so so true!

So so so true!

Today, I don’t think twice about living a healthy life style. It is ingrained to my life. I love a good breakfast, apples + pb for snack, trying new recipes, watching my skin heal itself from past teenage acne and seeing my body form with new exercises. Its really rewarding when you treat your body right ❤

Trust me.. I know not everyday is going to be all clean. Heck tomorrow I’ve got a bachelorette party to have fun at! But it doesn’t mean I can’t start the day out right 🙂

** Just wanted to share my thoughts, because I am feeling sluggish today and have a long weekend ahead of me. I know I’m sluggish from yesterday. I want to promise myself to live in balance this weekend. **



One thought on “Thoughts: The balance of living healthy

  1. I played basketball and volleyball in high school and my senior year I always had a reeses before a game. Always! Your diet before trying to be healthy looks like what I ate in high school haha no greens and lots of sweets! Living a healthy life is truly the best decision to make!

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