Mediterranean Turkey Burgers

The “Mediterranean diet” is no foreign word to me!.. Being that I am married to handsome Greek guy 😉 I was introduced to all sorts of wonderful Mediterranean items the proper and real way {With that said, we always have Mediterranean ingredients on hand: poultry, cheese {FETA!}, yogurt, lots and lots of fresh veggies + fruit, olive oil <– it must be Greek 😉 JK. nuts, etc. I know that sweets are a small part of their diet.. but that’s one small adjustment that stays big in this house.

The other night was no different, we decided to make turkey burgers with a Greek spin. Adding in the essentials of feta, cherry tomatoes + onions as the leading ingredients.


Here’s what you’ll need:

>  1 Pound of ground turkey
> 3 garlic cloves
> Half of an onion
> Dash of salt + pepper
> Sprinkle of oregano
> Handful of cherry tomatoes
> Handful of spinach
> Parsley for taste
> 1 Jalapeno
> Handful of feta to sprinkle in
* A lot of the measurement was just eye balling – use your best judgment 😀 *

> Cut + dice all ingredients + mix with turkey
> Grill to your liking

{Topped with roasted red pepper hummus + I also had some ketchup}

I accompanied my burg with a side of mixed veggies, quinoa and more … feta.
George went the traditional burger route and used a Kaiser roll.

Either way, they were super good!

Defiantly a great alternative to your traditional burger. Fire these up at your next cook out 🙂

Let me know how you like them!

6 thoughts on “Mediterranean Turkey Burgers

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