Friday Favorties 5/10

Hi!!  Good afternoon.. Since it’s Friday, I thought I would do another Friday favorites!

image (10)
Earlier in the week I did some spring cleaning to my closet. Before dropping off the clothes to goodwill, I went to platos closet. I basically broke even because I got this T-shirt dress {American apparel} – I thought it would be perfect for the Cape 😎 Couldn’t pass up on 12$!

Sancks for work*

Snacks for work*

{Carmel trail mix}
It defiantly was just Carmel pieces no complaints here! Perfect for that time of the month 😉

image (11)
The patio @ work is finally underway and open for the summer!
I love these new lights they strung across 🙂



Cassidy will kill me if she sees this picture up here, ha-ha. But Wednesday I got to face time my sister while she was out in Cali so she could see her little love buggy.
Me and the little nugget miss her<3

image (1)
Tea time & working on school work outside the café w/ Larissa.

image (2)
Whole foods makes for a great place to get a gift!
My friend Lauren just celebrated her birthday yesterday so I wanted to pick up some of her favorites:)
{tea-honey-candle-chocolate bar-clif & chap stick!}

What’s favorite about your week ?!

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