Brown rice veggie tortilla

Quick and easy lunches are my thing! I’ve been doing a good job with using what we have.
{I tend to think we always need to go to the store 😉 }
But if you look and see what you have, you can make countless things!

Todays lunch was a Brown rice tortilla with veggies + cheese!image (14)
> 1 Brown Rice Tortilla – courtesy of Trader Joes.
> Sautéed veggies:
* Baby bellas {handful}
* Baby carrots {handful}
* 2 jalapeno peppers
* 1 red onion
Sautee with olive oil + spices of your choice
> Add in spinach last-minute

Top veggies with cheese of your liking <– I used pepper jack 🙂

> Place in microwave for 30 seconds
> Slice it up!
> Side of chobani Greek yogurt for dipping!

*There is some extra veggies, so make two of them!

See you tomorrow for Friday Faves!


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