MIMM! Glen Onoko Hike!

Hello Marvelous Monday friends!!! If you like hiking, then I’ve got a place for you!

Beware-I am sore. So sore! For someone who usually hikes during the week at the park, the hike we did yesterday at Glen Onoko was no joke!

George and I left the house a little after 10am, to head to the Poconos. We planned to pack our own breakfast + snacks for the ride and hike. We arrived a little after 1130. Drove around the town of Jim Thorpe and then found the place which was probably 2-3 miles away where the hiking trail was.

Bagels, trail mix, clif bar, zone bar, fruit + water + the muffins I made = perfect fuel :)

Bagels, trail mix, clif bar, zone bar, fruit + water + the muffins I made = perfect fuel 🙂

It was beautiful! Along water, rocks, and waterfalls! We thought we were going to be able to squeeze in biking too. But once we finished we were hungry 😉 and realized how sore we already felt!image (20)
I started with a sweat shirt and had to take it off- definitely worked up a sweat! the waterfalls were so nice and gave off a nice breeze 🙂

image (21)

Buddha George

 ^^ This where you could look over the valley! so gorgeous! ^^
We sat on top of the flat rocks which over looked the valley and ate our clif bars & the apple, and caught some sun rays for a little 😎
there were other hikers doing the same, it was such a nice spot.

image (26)

image (25)

Behind the top waterfall

Behind the top waterfall

After our pit stop, we heard if we went up more we could go behind the water fall! I know I’m smiling in that picture, but I was definitely scared prior and basically crawled my way to and from and was holding on for dear life 🙂 but It was so cool! and soooo refreshing!

It took a little over an hour to get up the mountain, we stopped a lot! I was hoping that there was going to be more of a trail after words at the top, but there wasn’t. I had no idea how sore and tired were going to be. Exploring was so much fun. I’m glad we brought the book bag filled with water, and snacks. The trip back down was a lot quicker but you had to watch your step and hold onto trees!

After we got back to car, we freshened up and went back into town to get something to eat. We went back to this place where we ate two years ago with some friends after rafting. Broadway which is located at the Inn.

image (23)
While we were hiking we both agreed we could go for a Greek Salad with pita bread… sure enough when I saw it on the menu, we had to get it!  It was nice to sit back, relax and enjoy each others company while planning out some more adventures this spring/ summer.

Once we finished we both decided to call it day- I’m glad the drive wasn’t far- I was home, showered and in bed around 9!

Off to do some Monday things! have a great one! xoxo

6 thoughts on “MIMM! Glen Onoko Hike!

  1. I love hiking! Your adventure (and your fuel!) look amazing 🙂 It must have been an awesome workout I’d you’re still sore!

  2. That looks like it was so much fun! And is that the Fudge Graham Zone Bar? Gosh those things are so good! I have a big box of them under my bed from Costco 😉

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