Here’s to us…. { inspo }


Here’s to us.
Here’s to ordering a salad, when you really want a burger.
To making an ass out of ourselves in combat cardio class.
To drinking more water than it seems possible.
To going 5 more minutes on the elliptical.
To working out twice as much as your skinny roommate.
To saying “screw you” to the old you, to falling in love
with the you really are. The you that you want to become.
To looking into the mirror and not seeing a change, throwing
on your running shoes and hitting the gym anyways.
Here’s to the carrots, shin splints, and sweat shits, and
perseverance and sore muscles and sticking socks.
& 7am conditioning class, falling down and getting back up.
And here’s to getting up tomorrow, and doing it all again.

Sometimes you gotta remember to give yourself a high five, or a pat on the back. Think about all the tings you’ve accomplished all week. School, meetings, projects, papers, work and still managed to get a workout in and bust through your exhaustion.. Some days aren’t always as easy as others, and some days you feel like your walking on air. But at the end of the day and you roll into bed, its all worth it. Here’s to us, to never giving up & always getting back up 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend friends xoxo


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