Looking into MAY

Can you believe it’s already May?! I felt like I waited forever for nice weather and now the months have jumped to May! While I was driving yesterday I was thinking of all the wonderful things I have going on in May, I love looking forward to events, parties, or small things for myself. I love a lil me time:)

* Last day of CLASS is tomorrow! WOOP!
* I take my finals on May 15 & 17th

 (I’m still on sure about a summer class, so for now.. this is pretty exciting!)

image (16)

My yoga instructor sent me this the other day, love it. Thanks Kate!

* I desperately need my hair cut + possibly re colored. I may re due the ombre since summer right around the corner?
* Mothers day – I am excited to spend time with the lovely ladies in my family ❤

^ Cassidy joined the motherhood club this year, YAY!

^ Cassidy joined the motherhood club this year, YAY!

* Ellen’s bridal + bachelorette !!! Gonna be a fun filled day 😎 Philly here we come!
* Birthdays, a few of my girlfriends have birthdays in this month. celebrations!
* Enjoy some cocktails outdoors 🙂

This is a little mechanism I use to keep me motivated. What keeps to motivated?

What are you looking forward to this month?

xoxo Cait


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