Rainy monday + staying on track during finals

Finals are right around the corner. Which means this week is pretty packed with school work. I always love how that happens. I have one last test in one of my classes Wednesday {studying now} and my portfolio due Friday for my management class. Its a huge chunk of our grade! Yesterday we took a trip into the city to visit the Four Seasons hotel to get some last minute insight for the project. It was a rainy wet day in Philly.
image (15)

After the visit, it was back home for a little rest + snackage before more school work. What a pattern.

Hi Duncan

Hi Duncan

{Steel cut oats, berries, flax + PB – always hits the spot!}

Last nights workout was low key:

A mix of walking 5 mins +
jogging 5 mins while watching last weeks RHOOC 😀
{keeps me entertained}

After that quick gym sesh, George and I felt like a little take out. Chinese for him, Panera for me.

BBQ chicken salad

BBQ chicken salad

{I tried their new spinach salad with BBQ chicken. I also added carrots + chickpeas once home!}

* * * * *

Staying motivated + on track

Studying can take a lot out of you. Its also good to take breaks, stretch, take your mind off of the books for  a little while. But sometimes you gotta listen to your body, and if it says “sleep” then you better listen.
I’ve done a good job at it. But I’ve been slacking a little bit :-/ So I must remember to keep at it. It’s almost summer!

Here’s a few things I am going to do this week to keep motivated:

– Eat large breakfasts {eggs & toast, or steel cut oats} and pack them to go if necessary
-Pack snacks {as usual- apples, nuts, bars, muffins}
-DRINK MORE WATER !!!! <– important
-Work out at least 3x this week- Walk/ jog/ or circuit style
-Sleep well!
-Listen to my body and what it wants
-Drink tea at night
-Remember that after a workout I always feel 110 % better, so I may as well do it 🙂

When I have more free time it’s MUCH EASIER for me to get creative at the gym or with my work outs.
I haven’t had a chance to do so lately. So for the time being this is what I can control,
and this is what I can do for myself, my mind, & my body*

Does anyone else feel like when one part of their life gets a little hectic, the gym falls wayside?

How do you stay on track?

xoxo Cait


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