Protein Packed Salad

Yesterday before work I looked in the kitchen and realized that we desperately needed to go food shopping, ASAP. Before my shift at the restaurant I usually try to keep it simple, yet filling. With what I had, I made a pretty darn good protein packed salad! I would also like to call it the kitchen sink, since I threw whatever I had in there. It turned out to be so good!


  •  Spinach
     Chic peas
  •  Cucumber
  •  Left over rice
  •  Kidney beans
  •  Tuna topped with sriracha sauce!

    {+ a dab of olive oil, and flaxseeds on top!}

  • Between the tuna which is 15 g of protein & the various beans {both around 9 g}
    It was packed with lots of protein! = FUEL 😀

What are your thoughts?

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