Friday Favs 4/26

Did this week fly by or what…
Currently at the coffee house starting my final portfolio for the semester which is due NEXT Friday, wee!
So I wanted to get a head start before I embark a long weekend of work.

This week I didn’t have my computer for a few days,
so here are some highlights- aka Friday favs 🙂

image (8){Afternoon delight}

Wednesday after class, George & I got to do “after school” activities

image (9)

image (11)

Hello there bright crocs*

Something about being outdoors at dusk + playing H O R S E made me feel like a little kid 🙂
These activities were a majority of my “workouts” this week.
I need to get back in the swing of things!,
I’m calling it active rest*}

image (10)

image (3){froyo}
We checked out a new frozen yogurt place in town- yum yum yogurt
I got a little heavy handed as my sister would say.
hence the pile of butter fingers…. oooops 🙂

Crack one, crack them all.

Crack one, crack them all.

{My new favorite snack}
Pistachios + dark choc goji berries.
great match!

1a8a2f3239a2f63bf07caa8cfdabe09d{Loving this quote for this week}


I love this little heavy thing lately. It leaves me sore for days,
I need to do more of!

10 push ups
10 kettle ball swings
10 sumo squats
15 push ups
15 kettle ball swings
15 sumo squats
20 push ups
20 kettle ball swings
20 sumo squats

Great all over body work out 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend friends! Enjoy the sunshine.
Let me know if you try this workout!

What are your thoughts?

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