Sunday evening 4/21

Ah Sunday evening. Winding down.

I’m sitting down to some tea, a face mask, writing some important cards to some important
people in my life ❤  + searching on Netflix for something to watch!

This weekend was pretty low key around these parts but productive.

A coffee date Friday before work
complementary yoga class @ lululemon,
{they do them every Sunday- check out your local lulu store!}
Brunch with the family & some sleeping in!
One main thing that needed to get done was some bridal duties. Cassidy & I are hosting Ellen’s
shower at our dads next month! With conflicting schedules, today was a good day to get some of the items.

{we also got matching dresses BUT different colors at target today, thought it would
be cute since we are hosting the shower!} 🙂
We still need to order a few more things off etsy, the straws came and I love em!
Our visual for the shower is going to be flower theme {mason jars, wild flowers, pink lemonade, and small finger
foods in brunch style!} I can’t wait 🙂



image (8)
Already I’m off to enjoy thse last few hours of the Sunday evening!



What are your thoughts?

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