Friday favs

First things first. I can’t get over all the Boston stuff. So sad & so heart breaking. It really makes me think, “wow are we at all safe?” We do daily activities and regimes and forget to think about how it could all be over in an instant. Say I love you daily, kiss your significant other before the head off to work, tell everyone how much they mean to you. I make sure I always do this, you just never know. I AM PRAYING FOR YOU BOSTON<3

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Friday favs!

AH. Spring weather,
& beautiful trees that line the streets.

Receiving this text message last night at work:)
“I’m engaged!”
{My childhood best friend}
A beautiful moment captured. So happy for her!
I can’t wait to hear details once she gets back from St. John!

{New makeup}
I love LG products. I’ve tried a lot, and I always come back to her stuff.
It leaves my face looking smooth and blemish free.



New deco from Home Goods!
I got an “M” for Meresitzis. My husbands last name 🙂
{I tend to have a lot of C’s everywhere for Caitlin, so I thought I should incorporate our unity together}

Snack Happy

Snack Happy

A new snack this week that I loved
{Berries smoothie w/ a side of chocolate goji berries, yum}

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday + weekend!
I am looking forward to brunch on Sunday with the family!
Stay safe.

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