What’s in your basket?

We are avid fans of Trader Joe’s!  This place is a one stop shop for delicious, healthy and eclectic items to spice up your pantry, refrigerator and body!ImageI spy ^^^ multi-seed soy crackers (great for a salty & savory snack), luna bars (love the white chocolate macadamia nut & chocolate peppermint), crunchy almond oats cereal (pairs nicely with some vanilla almond milk), natural chicken breasts (protein & its chicken! enough said), vitamin B Complex (for energy & for a healthy nervous system) and olive oil (an absolute staple in our household.. use with everything!)

Image^^I also spy some mac and cheese (let’s face it, sometimes you need to indulge in some cheesy goodness), lentils (air tight packed that are already cooked and can be served cold or warm.  absolutely delicious and filling), kale (my favorite little green that is a nutritional powerhouse), an avocado (amazing on any sandwich, especially turkey and cheese) and Babel light mini cheeses (i ❤ cheese and unwrapping these little guys in their wax packaging)

I really love grocery shopping – it’s always an adventure.  I make it a goal to incorporate and try new things into my diet each week as it keeps eating fresh and fun! ….until next time – what’s in your basket!?


What are your thoughts?

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