What’s in your basket?

Grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do. I honestly look forward too it! It seems as if we go every other week for a full stocked fridge, and then throughout the week sometimes I need to run into the local grocery store for items we may run out of .. {hello Chobani!} Yesterday we took a trip to Trader Joes and it ended up being one of those HAULS. We started up with one small basket because we thought it was going to be an in & out kind of trip, but then my hubby went and grabbed his own basket too! Oh trader Joes… you get us every time 🙂 Here are some highlights that were new to my basket this week:

image (9)

Cocoa Almond Spread

Cocoa Almond Spread

My hubby hand a hankering for nutella the other night, so we made sure to put that on our list. But when I saw that the little note next to the almond spread said “BETTER THAN NUTELLA” I had to give it a try! 😉

Frozen berries for smoothies

Frozen berries for smoothies

I usually have fresh berries on hand.. giving these frozen ones a try!

Veggie Burgers

Veggie Burgers

Easy salad topper

Banana Bread

Banana Bread

This will be a perfect “grab & go” breakfast with some of that Cocoa Almond Spread!

So those are some of my new finds this week! This is why I love Trader Joes, you never leave without adding something new to your basket! {or cart} 😉 Have a good day friends!

XX Caitlin


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